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YouVersion and Technology at Journey

I’ve written about YouVersion before, including all the way back in the beginning when YouVersion first launched in beta over 3 years ago!. For those who still don’t know or haven’t used YouVersion, it’s an online bible that’s better than anything else out there. Today, YouVersion had a special webcast announcing some amazing milestones and some sweet new features coming down the pike. Some of the highlights from today’s announcements:

  • The milestone they announced was that over 10 million mobile devices have installed their Bible app! (one of them is mine!)
  • Every 2.8 seconds, someone installs the app
  • In the same 2.8 seconds, 12 people open the app.

They also announced a bunch of new features, including,

  • Notes are coming to all platforms, allowing you to take private and public notes.
  • Audio and video notes are coming too!
  • New reading plans and devotions too
  • Highlighting (something I was waiting for) is coming after the first of the year
  • And lots of other stuff too

For those who know me, I’m a huge fan of technology – especially when it’s used for ministry. I’m always looking for new ways to use it at Journey and pushing the envelope for how we can use technology in ministry. ¬†Some ways we’re using it right now

  • Fellowship One is our online database, but it’s more than just a database – it allows us to manage online giving, event registration, check-in for kids, and more – all from one source and it’s available anywhere there’s internet access.
  • We started using YouVersion Live back in the summer. YouVersion live allows us to post our messages online where it’s accessible to anyone (not just smart phones). You can take notes, look up passages and share your notes with others, all from the theater, live with the message.
  • We introduced QR codes a month or so ago. ¬†With more and more people using smart phones, it seemed like a good time to start harnessing that technology. QR codes are those square bar codes and they allow you to scan them with your device and depending on the bar code, use them to access information. So far at Journey, we use them in the bulletin to link you to our website to access more information.
  • Planning Center Online has been a huge addition to my ministry, in that it allows us to schedule and distribute resources for our worship team and other ministry teams easier than ever before.
  • ProPresenter is the software we use to project lyrics on Sundays and some of the new updates look amazing. We’re currently running the old version but when we have some spare funds, we’re going to update to the newest version that will open up so many more features, it’s probably worthy of its own post!
  • And of course, there’s social media, like Facebook, Twitter and Podcasts.

How about you? Have you used any of these technologies? If you’re at Journey, I’d love to hear about how these technologies are helping you take your next steps. Share a comment or story below and join in the conversation!

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