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Worship Team Changes

This summer has been quite a season of change for the worship team here at Journey:

  • Marlin Ivers, one of our worship leaders who has been with us since the beginning is moving to Indiana with his wife as she completes her graduate degree.  It’s sad to see him leave because he’s a great singer and a passionate worship leader, but we’re proud that he’s supporting his wife’s dreams. (And we know he’ll come back to visit from time to time too!)
  • Brent Eden joined the team over the summer and we’re thrilled to have another strong male vocal on the team – especially one who’s so solid on the harmony!
  • Kristie Barber, another veteran from the beginning, took a summer hiatus as she spent a couple months out in Redmond, Washington to work for Nintendo testing video games (yes, it is actually a real job). She returned this past week and will be back in the mix soon.
  • Matt Rosloneic, a friend of another person on our team, has filled in a few times for us on the drums and will be playing for us once in a while. He also plays for a college ministry that worships every Sunday evening, so he’s able to join us Sunday mornings – and we’re grateful for his help!
  • And more on the way! There are a couple of other names that have come across my desk in the last couple weeks who will be starting the audition process to see if the worship team is the right fit for them. It should be an exciting road ahead – I’m hoping that we can continue this growth spurt and be able to have 2 complete teams by the end of the year!

Know anyone who should be on the worship team? (Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums or Keyboards – or other instruments) Send them here to find out more and to sign up!

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