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Worship Leader Group Study: The Worship Architect

Studying together and continuing to grow in our ministries is important to keep us from getting stagnant or worse yet, moving backward. I’ve been a part of a few online studies but I’ve never led one. It’s a great way to learn with people who may be across the world from where you are in a way that doesn’t require a huge investment in time or resources.

Last week, I picked up a boo that I’ve been meaning to get since it came out a couple of years ago: The Worship Architect by Constance M. Cherry. It’s available on Amazon used for around $9 or on Kindle for $12 (I picked up mine at a local bookstore on sale for $6).

I’ve read the first couple of chapters and it’s already got me thinking about how and why we do the things we do in worship. Plus, it has questions for discussion and some practical stuff that we can use right away.

So, worship & pastor-type friends: Anyone interested in doing a group study on The Worship Architect? We wouldn’t start for a few weeks so people could pick up a copy. And we’d go at a manageable pace for everyone (NOT 100 pages a day!).

If you’re interested, leave a comment below. Hopefully we can get a good group together and make it a great experience for everyone!

5 thoughts on “Worship Leader Group Study: The Worship Architect

    1. Yeah, I think to start between now and Christmas would just set us up for failure. We’ll probably look at the first or second week of January to kick it off. Plus that gives plenty of time to look for the book.

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