Who Are You?

I’ve had this blog for about 10 months now. So far, my readership has been pretty small – at least going by the stats. But in the last few weeks, I’ve seen a pretty big increase in people visiting my blog – and not just people around Grand Rapids but all across the country!

While I’m thrilled that people are checking out my humble blog, I’m also curious…


I’d love to know who you are, how you found my blog and why you come back. Leave me a comment and let me know a little about who you are. It’ll help me know who I’m writing for and maybe help me add more content that would be beneficial to you!

About Matthew Starner

Matthew Starner is pastor of Journey of Faith Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where they help people take their next step on their journey with Jesus.


  1. Hello there, Mr. Starner,
    I have been reading your posts for several months now. I even subscribe to make sure I don’t miss any! I find they are a good way to “get inside” what you are thinking and what you feel about how things are going with this new church. It is often a nice re-cap to what I see happening not only in this church but to churches with related styles. The resources you list help give me ideas on how things are being studied and shaped before they are put into practice.
    Of course I love all the pictures. And it has been alot of fun watching the church grow…Your blog is like a diary for Journey of Faith. Way to go Matthew!

  2. I’m Amanda!! I read your blog every time u post so keep it coming!

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