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Praising God with the Best of the Past and the Present

Where does the time go?

This is my favorite time of the year… and one of the worst times of the year.

I love the Christmas season. I know, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but in the creative arts world, we’re making serious preparations for the holidays and have been since October. Personally, I could celebrate Christmas all year long, but some people tend to frown on having your tree up in March.

Anyway – as much as I love this time of year and the fun of Christmas and New Year’s, it’s the busiest time of the year for me. In the church I worked at before Journey, it was even worse. We had a Christmas program every week in December for different age groups of kids, an adult program, 3 services on Christmas eve, 1 on Christmas day and a million other things happening too. Here at Journey, it’s a little better but still a busy time of year.

Christmas at Journey is going to be a blast! We’re putting on our first Christmas program this year. So far the response has been great and there’s a lot of people getting involved. It’s always exciting to pull people together and put together something truly great. On Christmas eve Journey will have 2 services – one for families with an interactive message geared for kids and lots of hand on things for the kids. Then late that night (10:30pm) we’ll have what has become a Journey tradition – Carols by Candlelight. We’ll gather around a piano, a nice roaring fireplace, and about 200 candles and sing Christmas carols and read the story of Christ’s birth together. (I can feel the warm fuzzies now)

This week starts our rehearsals for the program – I’ll post some pics and clips for everyone to see what’s happening!

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