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When humanity lets you down

This past Saturday crime hit Journey of Faith.

During the week, the pick-up truck and trailer with Journey’s equipment sits in front of my house (also our offices – yes, I live at work). On Saturday, someone broke into my vehicle and stole my new GPS holder and power cord (not the unit itself, thank goodness – it was in the house) along with my bible and a screwdriver from my glove box. The pickup truck stereo was stolen along with both of my keyboards and the trailer was broken into but fortunately, nothing was stolen from in there. In all, they got away with well over $4,000 worth of stuff.

Apparently, this happened around 7:00-8:00 a.m. – in broad daylight. We figured this because they dropped my bible (just the bible, not the leather case it was in) in the yard and it was unharmed and since there was a little bit of rain Friday night, it meant it had to have happened once the ground was dry.

What’s hardest is that, with the exception of the truck stereo, everything that was taken was my personal property. Not that I wanted Journey’s stuff to get taken, but it was only my stuff – almost as if someone knew what they were doing. To my knowledge, I have no enemies or anyone who would want to take my stuff, but I guess we may never know.

Overall, I’m not actually mad. There was nothing irreplaceable that was taken. Fortunately there was no damage to the vehicles or the trailer and they didn’t try to get into the house. It’s heart-breaking to think that someone would be in such a position that they felt that they needed to take my stuff. I’m praying that whoever it was, they God can help them along the way to get beyond the need to take other people’s belongings and to listen to his leading in their life.

As for worship today, it worked out because I had an older, albeit much smaller and less capable keyboard that stood in this week and hopefully insurance will take care of replacing the others soon!

Maybe this will begin a whole new series on selecting the right keyboards for worship…

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