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Top Ten Posts of 2012

Top-Ten2012 was a busy year around the blog. These were the posts you readers visited the most:

Questions-banner#10: Life’s Toughest Questions Series Resources

This series we did at Journey this past fall was very popular and so were the resources I shared with you!

Seasons#9: Prayer for Journey of Faith

Our church went through some pretty big changes this year and prayer was a big part of helping us move through it.

Robot-Musician#8. Beefing up the Band With Digital Musicians

When you don’t have unlimited musicians at your disposal, how can you enhance your sound? Here’s what we’ve done.

Marketing#7. Church Marketing Resources

These were some recommended resources from a presentation that I gave to a group of church planters in Michigan.

Choosing#6. Finding Good Worship Songs

There’s no shortage of “Christian” songs out there that could be used in worship. But not every Christian song is or should be a worship song.

listen#5. How to Listen to a Sermon

It seems like a no-brainer, but the preacher giving a message is only half of the equation. As listeners, we have work to do too!

Criticism#4. Responding to Criticism

At some point, we’re going to face criticism and how you respond and react will make all the difference.

church-technology#3. 5 Ways to Use Technology at Church

Some practical ways that any church can use to try something new with technology.

Banner#2. “He Said” by Group 1 Crew: A Theological Perspective

This song was got lots of airtime on the Christian radio stations, but is it scriptural?

Worship-War#1. The Future of Contemporary Worship

This post was a long time in the making. The ideas behind it had been formulating for more than a year. Is there a future for “contemporary” worship?


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