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Theology Pub Tour

Last night, I got to accompany Pastor Bob to Ann Arbor where he was presenting for a friend of ours. Wendy Eason is the college ministry director for St. Luke in A2 (the abbreviation for Ann Arbor, don’t you know). She hosts a series of discussions called the Theology Pub Tour. Each week, they meet in a different pub/bar/restaurant and discuss various theological topics. Some have a panel present/debate, others have a single person presenting, and a variety of other styles. I love the idea and really had a great time there last night.

Bob was a part of a panel discussing Gender Roles in the Church. It can be a hot button topic for some folks, but the atmosphere stayed open and honest. Following the presentation, each table discussed their thoughts on the topic. The setting was really nice: Cottage Inn’s private room – typically, they’re just out in a bar somewhere where everyone there can join in if they want, but with the panel discussion, they wanted everyone to be able to hear them well, not something you can easily do in a normal bar! And the food was great too!

We’re thinking of adapting the Theology Pub Tour idea for our audience and trying it here at Journey. I’m sure I’ll be blogging more about that in the weeks to come!

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