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The Worship Architect Group Study: Phase 2, Part 2


**We’re studying the book, “The Worship Architect” by Constance Cherry together. If you missed a section or are reading this months after it originally happened, please join in the conversation anyway!**

We’re discussing chapter 4 this time which is all about the first “load-bearing wall” (what the author calls the various components of worship): The Gathering. As with the other chapters there are some questions she asks to get you thinking before starting the chapter that are worth discussing:

  1. Think about a time when you attended an event (church or otherwise) to which you did not feel welcomed. What caused you to feel that way?
  2. Think about a time when you attended an event (church or otherwise) to which you really felt welcomed. What made the difference?
  3. How long does it usually take for you to feel comfortable in a group of strangers?

The gathering is what we usually do at the beginning of worship. The author defines the purpose of the gathering as:

(1) to unite our spirits in God’s presence and (2) to prepare us to hear the Word of God.

When you look at your past worship services, has this been the focus of the Gathering portion of your worship service? What do you do to fulfill that purpose or what could you do differently to fulfill that purpose better?

The last part of the chapter was definitely my favorite. There’s so many ideas and things to try in the gathering part that she lists out. Anything there that stood out to you that you’d like to try in your worship sometime?

Share your thoughts below! Don’t be shy – join in the conversation!

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