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The Journey Begins…

A couple of firsts this week:

  1. On Sunday, Journey became an official congregation. Yes, we’ve been worshiping for over a year (actually, about a year and a half.) but we weren’t an official congregation. This past Sunday, we adopted our constitution, elected our Core Leadership Team and called Pastor Bob as our first Lead Pastor. Now the fun really begins!
  2. I started running today. After a long time (years and years) of being out of shape, I’m finally getting serious about it. I started running with Josh, one of the guys on the worship team who happens to be a good runner and is very much in shape. After our first 1.8 miles I thought I might have to shoot him, but I figured I might need him to call the ambulance when the heart attack hit. Day 1 is down and I’m still alive, so that must be a good sign!

One thought on “The Journey Begins…

  1. Goldang some of them there songs is as hard as pickin fly specks out of peppper……….uuummmmmmmmm

    The ole guy

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