Worship in the Modern World

Praising God with the Best of the Past and the Present

Would Jesus be on Facebook?

Last night at Merge (Journey’s weeknight Bible study) we covered an unusual topic for a Bible study: Facebook. Specifically, is […]

Knock on Wood

Notes from Merge on Feb 17, 2010 Superstitions are fascinating. Even if you claim to not be a superstitious person, […]

What Makes a Bad Word Bad?

I’ve gotten a lot of requests for the notes from Merge (Journey’s weeknight bible study/discussion group) – specifically for the […]

Merge is Back

Merge is Journey’s version of a weeknight Bible study. We meet at a different location each week and discuss a […]

Merge Kicks off Tonight

Last year, we had a bible study a couple times of month called “God in the Garage” (so named because […]