Worship in the Modern World

Praising God with the Best of the Past and the Present


Like all Americans who were old enough to know what was going on, the memory of what happened on Tuesday, […]

A little about me

I came across this list on another blog interviewing a worship leader and the questions got me thinking about myself. […]

New Tools

I’m a bit of a tech junkie. I love cool tools and gadgets, but the only thing better than a […]

In the first 26 years…

In just a few short days (Tuesday, to be exact) I’ll be turning 26. It’s funny how random thoughts can […]

Starbucks Closes Shop…

…for an evening. Great article over at ChurchMarketingSucks.com about Starbucks’ most recent attempt to regain their former glory. They’re shutting […]

How Are You Perceived?

I came across an interesting article today on Emotional Intelligence. (You can find the whole article here) Essentially, emotional intelligence […]