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Sunday Setlist: September 19, 2010

This week we began a two-week series titled Mad Men. It’s not based off the show (although it’s definitely one of my favorites!) but instead is focused on the disciples, specifically after the resurrection. These men went from being locked behind closed doors and scared for their lives (John 20:19) to boldly proclaiming Christ in the streets, many even giving their lives as martyrs of the faith. What changed these men from cowards into mad men (“mad” in the “passionate” sense)? They fully devoted themselves to God’s call in their lives and they made advancing His kingdom their top priority.

As a fun nod to the television show, all of us in the worship team dressed in quasi-sixties attire, including lots of skinny ties. It was fun and a nice change of how we usually¬†dress for Sundays. We’ll do it again next week for the second and final week of the series too.

On to the service:

  • Awesome is the Lord by Chris Tomlin
  • Our God by Chris Tomlin – First time doing this one and it seemed to be a hit – I could hear people singing along by the end. Definitely a great song and I love how it starts and stays “restrained” and finally builds and explodes on the bridge into a great groove. And as a lot of Tomlin’s songs, the chorus has a great soaring quality that really sounds great with a whole crowd of people belting it out!
  • At this point, we dismissed the kids and did the “turn and greet”, something that usually happens after the next song, but the next song set up the message really well and we didn’t want to break that momentum. We’ll be switching up the order from time to time when it helps enhance what we’re doing.
  • Consuming Fire by Tim Hughes. I didn’t include a link to this song because all of the versions that are on YouTube are so laid back and we did a very hard, driving version. It setup the message perfectly. (“Consuming fire fan into flame, a passion for Your name.”)
  • The message
  • Following the message we had communion, with two songs for the distribution:
  • Majesty (Here I Am) by Martin Smith
  • Jesus Messiah by Chris Tomlin
  • Prayers/Offering
  • Happy Day by Tim Hughes – we did Steve Fee’s version of this song (not much different from the original, just a little more driving).

On a side note, it ended up being a Chris Tomlin week (3 of the 6 songs were written by him) and it was totally unintentional. I pick all the music thematically to go with the message or to perform a function in the service (like an Invocation or a Statement of Faith/Creed). I’m working on another post about more details of how we plan services and music, but I thought it was worth pointing out here. Actually, it wasn’t until I was typing up the bulletin on Thursday that I realized it ¬†– and the music was laid out over a month ago! All together, it was a great first week of the fall at Journey and a great kick-off to a powerful message series.

Were you at Journey this week? I’d love to know what you thought! Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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