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Sunday Setlist – September 13, 2009

Sunday, September 13 at Journey.

Dangerous Church

This week we kicked off a three week series called Dangerous Church, were we’ll take a look at what it takes to be the church in our world today and the radical calling on the life of a person who wants to be a follower of Christ.  The early church lived with the thought that Jesus would return in their lifetime and as such, operated with a great sense of urgency. We’ve lost that in the nearly 2000 years since Christ’s ascension and often get bogged down in the little things, like what style of music we like, what color the church carpet should be and what kind of coffee the church should buy. We’re challenging the common ideas about what it means to be the church and hopefully, in the process, we’ll rattle a few cages and fire up some folks for what God has in store.

The Service

You Are Good (E), Israel Houghton

I Am Free (D), Joel Engel’s version

  • This is the first time we’ve used this song at Journey. When it first came out it was a catchy song, but it got over played on Christian radio a lot and because there’s not much to the song, it got old fast. It’s been a while since the song came out and it’s definitely calmed down, making it a well known (at least to those who listen to Christian Radio) but good up-beat song for worship that definitely encourages congregation participation.

Following the message,

Empty Me (G), Jeremy Camp into…

I Give You My Heart (G), Hillsongs and back to Empty Me for another two choruses and an almost a cappella verse.

  • This little mini-worship set was different than we usually do and was a nice change of pace, plus, the two songs fit the message perfectly, so it was a great cohesive unit with the message and the music.

Closing Song

Everyday (B), Hillsongs United

  • Another one that summed up the message nicely and wrapped up the service.

While we had a great start to the series musically and in the message, it was a rough week technically. There were definitely some gremlins in the works this week: We had issues with some of our LED lights not working properly, coupled with mics and cords that decided to freak out (Pastor Bob’s wireless stopped working as he started the message and the mic he picked up to take over had a poor connection) and some other things that definitely made it, from a technical standpoint, rough. Add to the rest that, during the prayers, one of the fog machines were were using ran out of juice and proceeded to do it’s best diesel engine impersonation from 3 feet off stage. At one point during the beginning of the message when we were scrambling to get things working, Amanda, one of our vocalists leaned over to me and commented that “uh oh, the wheels are really coming off today…”. It truly seemed that Satan was throwing a wrench in the works – our message must have been right on target because there were definitely forces working against us. However, through it all, God held it together. The music went great, the message was delivered and was right on target. Proof that God can keep things together, no matter how much we might mess them up!

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Were you at Journey this week? Share your thoughts!

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