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Sunday Setlist: September 12, 2010

This Sunday was the fall kick-off at Journey and we kicked off with a bang!  We had an event called Catch the Spirit and threw a tailgating party for worship, complete with food, fun and games. We held worship outside at the theater (and God gave us an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day for it!) in the parking lot, filled with tents representing different sports teams and each one serving a different kind of food after worship.  We encouraged everyone to come in their team colors and shirts and had a great time getting excited for what’s in store for the fall.  We had a near-record turnout and I saw a lot of faces that have been gone for a while. Sometimes, you just need to celebrate!

The Service

  • I Am Free – a great interactive one to start off with. (We did a little more of a pumped up version than the link)
  • Let God Arise, by Chris Tomlin
  • Hosanna, Starfield’s version – a great song already, they just added a little more awesome to the arrangement.
  • God of this City, by Chris Tomlin – first time doing this one at Journey and it seemed to go over well.
  • Rain it Down, by Carlos Whittaker – another first-timer today (usually we don’t do 2 new songs in one week, but this was a special week) It’s a great song and I’m sorry there isn’t a link because I couldn’t find it on YouTube, but look for it on iTunes because it’s a great song of refreshing and renewal.
  • You Are Good, by Israel Houghton – an oldie but a goody and a fun one to end with.

We followed the service with a tailgating party lunch right there in the parking lot with lots of food, games –  even a T shirt launcher (that was EPIC! That thing will shoot a shirt clear across the parking lot!)  The worship team even played some stuff just for fun after worship, like Dancin’ in the Street, Don’t Stop Believing, Living on a Prayer, and a few others. It was a great party and people hung around for quite a while. Definitely the excitement we needed to launch into the fall!

Were you at Journey this week? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Share them in the comments below!

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