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Sunday Setlist – October 11, 2009

TVThis week was the second of our TV Spirituality series where we’re looking at television through the lens of faith and seeing what lessons we can learn. This week we used the show Mad Men and asked: “What are you looking for?” In the show, the lead character works for an advertising agency and is always trying to sell people happiness – something everyone is looking for – except  his own life is always just one wrong move from falling apart. We used it to talk about how each of us are looking for something and how we can find it in Christ.

The Service

Sing to the King (E), Billy James Foote

Holy Moment (G), Matt Redman

Famous One (G), Chris Tomlin

Following the message,

Your Name is Holy, Holy (C), Jeff Deyo

  • First time we used this one, and I found it by accident. I was looking for songs that dealt with “searching” themes and this one came up. I had the CD and had heard it before but apparently I forgot about it. It’s a great song and one that I’m sure we’ll use again from time to time.

Closing Song

All We Need (G), Charlie Hall

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