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Sunday Setlist: May 2, 2010

This week, we celebrated the confirmation of 6 students at Journey (for those not familiar with confirmation, join me on a brief tangent: there are basically two ways that churches do Baptism (I can hear it now: “But I thought this was confirmation?!” – Hang on – it’ll all make sense). One way is to dedicate the baby, saying that you’ll raise it to know Jesus and be raised in a Christian home. When the individual is old enough – usually early teens – they choose to be baptized as a symbol of their relationship with Christ.  The other way is to Baptize the baby, committing to raise it to know Jesus and in a Christian home. Then, when they’re in their teens, they profess their faith in a rite known as Confirmation. Essentially they’re very similar, and neither one is right/wrong or better than another. End of tangent


The songs this week:

  • You’re Name is Holy, by Brian Doerksen (Skillet’s Arrangement)
  • Everyday, by Joel Houston
  • Desert Song, by Brooke Fraser (The first time we’ve done this one and we got a lot of comments on how much people liked the song – definitely a keeper!)
  • After the message: From the Inside Out, by Joel Houston (Seventh Day Slumber’s Arrangement)
  • Closing song: Not to Us, by Chris Tomlin

It was a great worship this morning, and a great chance to celebrate with our Confirmands. (The extra guests were great too and helped us set a new record for highest attendance!) It really went flawlessly – no tech glitches, no musical problems, our time was great – especially considering that we had some extra stuff in there for Confirmation, and LOTS of people – them makings of a GREAT morning of worship! Days like this remind me that Journey is blessed and I am privileged to work with a tremendous team! YOU GUYS ROCK!

Were you there this week? I’d love to hear your comments! Share them below.

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