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Sunday Setlist – March 6, 2011

Today, we began a new series at Journey called Ritual where we’re focusing on keeping spiritual rituals from becoming empty rituals. We started the series with Worship. We moved the message closer to the beginning of the service and used the message to talk about what we do in worship – specifically, that while in most traditional churches they use a liturgy, we use songs to accomplish the liturgy. We looked at some examples of the different parts of the liturgy and then followed the message by putting it to action – we went through all of the various parts in song. It was a great time of worship today with a lot of extra music from what we usually do.

  • You Are Good, Israel Houghton
  • Holy Moment, Matt Redman
  • The Message
  • Open Up the Gates, Planetshakers (We used this song as an Invocation, setting apart and dedicating the worship time))
  • Majesty, Martin Smith (This song was our confession and absolution)
  • Glorious Day, Casting Crowns (This is practically a creed, so it was our profession of faith)
  • I Surrender to You, Jeremy Camp (We used this song as the offering)
  • Desert Song, Brooke Fraser (This was our prayers for the day)
  • Mighty to Save, Hillsong United

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Setlist – March 6, 2011

  1. Wow, lots of music. Very cool series. We’re thinking of something for next year where we examine how people have worshiped the “King of Ages.” I need some time to learn the lute and maybe some chants.

    Noticed you dusted off “Holy Moment.” That was one of my favorites for a long time.

    1. Hi Matthew- Yeah, there was a lot more music this week than we usually do, but it was great to talk about what happens in worship and then do it right then. Lots of people commented that they really enjoyed it. I’m definitely looking forward to the rest of the series.

      Love the idea of the “King of Ages” and music through time! I’d love to see a lute used in worship! Don’t forget the medieval flute/recorder that you always seem to hear in that period’s music. Post some pics or video of how it turns out!

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