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Sunday Setlist: March 25, 2012

This week was a continuation of our “God Questions” series, looking at the question “What happens when I die?” With popular books like Heaven is For Real (the true story of a boy who died, saw heaven and came back to tell about it.) and others in the popular culture, people have an interest in what happens after death and a bunch of different, often misguided, ideas.

We laid out the facts of what really will happen – that heaven and hell are both real, permanent places; that we will still be ourselves and we will know one another on the other side – and we challenged some of the popular ideas out there – such as we don’t become angels or get wings in heaven, we can’t come back. The main focus, however, was the challenge to everyone that we can make a difference in where people spend eternity. God has made us his ambassadors to help others come to a relationship with him.

Our Worship:

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