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Sunday Setlist: June 27, 2010

Today was a GREAT Sunday at Journey of Faith. The music was solid, the message was on the mark – everything was on and it was great!

This week, we talked about the prophet Elijah and his call to the children of Israel to return to God. The Israelites had fallen away from God and were following other gods. Elijah called them out and called them to turn their lives back to God. Pastor Bob’s message was the same. Too often, we have become part-time Christians – we call ourselves Christian but our lives don’t reflect it. We say we’re Christian and then don’t see a problem when our language, jokes, our activities – our lives – don’t match up. Pastor Bob shared a story he heard on the radio about people who were calling in about the topic of the day: problems with ex’s. One man called in and shared that he was currently sleeping with five different women at his church (and some of them knew about the others).  The worst part was, he didn’t see a problem with it. Here he is, a Christian and he’s living a life completely the opposite and doesn’t see is as conflicting.

Today’s message was a call to the people at Journey to take a look at their lives and to commit to no longer live as part-time Christians. It was an impassioned message and one that I think hit close to home for many people – you could literally hear a pin drop in the auditorium and could cut the uncomfortableness (I know it’s not a word, but it’s accurate) with a knife. Definitely a different sort of message but one that we needed to hear.

The Songs:

Were you at Journey today? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the service – share them in the comments!

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