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Sunday Setlist, July 8, 2012

This Sunday, I got to deliver the message and chose to speak on Matthew 5:13, where Jesus tells His followers that they are the salt of the earth. It was lots of fun to learn about the significance of salt to the people of Jesus’ day and what that means for us today. We’re called to “Pass the Salt” – after all, if salt just sits in the salt shaker and never touches the food, what good is it? Having salt isn’t any good if you don’t pass the salt? Take the Dead Sea for instance. It’s fed by the Jordan River and several other tributaries which bring saltwater into the sea, but no rivers taking the saltwater out of the sea. It’s getting saltier and saltier every year. And it’s dead. Nothing lives in the Dead Sea (hence the name…). Having salt and keeping it all to yourself doesn’t do any good.

Today’s Worship

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