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Sunday Setlist, January 25, 2009

Sunday, January 25 at Journey

Series: Real Life – Real Stories
In this series, we’re getting to know a few people around Journey and getting to know their story of how God has worked in their lives. This was the fourth week of the series.

Title: “It Made All the Difference”
We got to know the Ham family this week. Jeff, Sue, Josh and Ryan have been attending Journey for a couple of years and it’s the first church they have ever attended, except a few times when Jeff and Sue were both children. They shared the difference the relationship with Jesus has made in their lives and how different things were before coming to Journey. While the road for them has been full of ups and downs – and lately has more downs than ups – they are able to face each day with the peace that they’re not in this alone.

The Songs

All We Need, Charlie Hall

  • Great song that the congregation knows really well. It’s always great to hear them singing over the sound of the stage!

More Love, More Power, Jeff Deyo’s Arrangement

  • We revised this one a bit. I used to have a keyboard that could almost duplicate the loop that Jeff Deyo’s keyboardist uses, but it was stolen last year. We don’t do this song very often, so we reworked it a bit to give it more of a driving rock feel.

Better is One Day, Matt Redman

  • Another solid one that the congregation knows really well.

Rescue, NewSong’s Arrangement

  • We introduced this song after the message. It tied in perfectly with the message and was a powerful moment in the service. We were able to pull off the song almost exactly like the recording and it was awesome to see people getting into the song.

Let God Arise, Chris Tomlin

  • This is a great one to start or end on because it’s not too complicated but it’s got TONS of energy. This one gets them on their feet and gets the room moving.

This was a great Sunday all around: the music, the message, the stories – everything was tight this week. Next week, we wrap up our Real Life – Real Stories series asking: what’s your story? We’re going to challenge everyone to take a look at their story and how that story is impacting those around them.

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Were you at Journey this week? I’d love to hear your comments!

5 thoughts on “Sunday Setlist, January 25, 2009

  1. Great list Matt… how did it go with the Jeff Deyo version of “More Love…”? I love the version he does just be interested to know how sounds live. We’re working on “Let God Arise”. We haven’t done it during worship yet. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks.

  2. Rob, “More Love, More Power” went really well this time. We used to do it with a keyboard patch that almost matched the Jeff Deyo recording. This time it was definitely more of a guitar-rock sound. A nice change from the norm and it still worked.

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