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Sunday Setlist: January 22, 2012

We started a new series a week ago called Going Beyond Our Comfort Zone, looking at things like Sharing Your Faith, Growing in Faith, Giving and others. We found a great graphic over at CreationSwap.com that plays off of a Twilight Zone theme, because going beyond your comfort zone can feel a lot like going into the twilight zone!

This week, we looked at Growing In Our Faith.¬†This was a bit of a challenge because many people who regularly attend church feel like a message like this is just for those who are new to Christianity. They’ll tune out and decide that there’s nothing for them in this message. In reality, no matter how long you’ve been in a relationship with Christ, there is always room to grow. We kept this challenge in mind throughout the planning and delivery of the message and all the elements of the service and it helped us to keep focus and connect with everyone.

Sunday Setlist:

[ytube id=”1saX9_Nmg5k”] You Are Good by Israel Houghton

Open Up the Gates by PlanetShakers

[ytube id=”omQPs9nVDfw”]¬†Hosanna, Starfield’s arrangement

The Message

[ytube id=”ufJZo4kelvE”] Lead Me to the Cross by Hillsong United

Offering and Prayers

[ytube id=”tqCmZR6rlr4″] Love the Lord by Lincoln Brewster


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