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Sunday Setlist – January 18

Sunday, January 18 at Journey

Series: Real Life – Real Stories
In this series, we’re getting to know a few people around Journey and getting to know their story of how God has worked in their lives. This was the third week of the series.

Title: “Miracles Still Happen”
Mat Ivers, one of the members of the worship team, shared an experience he had while on a mission to Africa this summer. While praying for a man who had a hole in his foot and had been unable to walk, he and his team witnessed a miracle as the sore healed before their eyes. His story was amazing and Mat’s a pretty funny guy, so it was an entertaining and moving experience.

The Songs
This week, Greg and German, our guitar players were unable to play, so it was piano, drums and bass this week.

Your Name is Holy, Brian Doerksen

  • Started off with this one, pretty straightforward. Did it in the key of E, which allowed us to go right into…

Open the Eyes of My Heart, Paul Baloche

  • This is one we have been doing less and less of over the last few months. It’s a great song, but its been around for a while, so it’s easy for it to get old.

Amazed, Jared Anderson

  • We introduced this one this week following the message. It was a great tie-in with the message and people picked it up pretty fast.

Jesus Messiah, Chris Tomlin

  • We introduced this song during Communion. It’s unusual for us to introduce 2 songs in one day, but it the songs we introduced were easier and everyone was singing along with gusto by the end. This song is great, simple but powerful. Another great thing about this song is that it’s not the typical chord progression we hear in 90% of the other worship songs out there. I love it when songwriters shake things up and keep the songs interesting.

Awesome is the Lord, Chris Tomlin

  • Another great song by Chris Tomlin. We’ve done this one enough that the congregation has really gotten to know this one and I love that I can hear them singing – even over the sound level from the stage.

While not a real flashy service – there were no big instrumentals or fancy solos – it was a great time of worship. The songs all helped to carry the theme and even though the worship team was small this week compared to other weeks, the energy level and worship experience was still great.

Were you there? I’d love to hear your comments!

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8 thoughts on “Sunday Setlist – January 18

  1. Solid list. The small instrument mix can allow everyone to really listen to what’s going on and blend. Our first service, we had drums guitar and piano, no bass. Had a lot of fun with it.

  2. Great to see Jesus Messiah appearing in sets. That totally brought God into the house at the Passion Conference in Sydney last year!

  3. Yeah, I like using a smaller group from time to time. It really changes up the dynamics of the group and can lend itself to a very intimate feeling – works really well with communion!

  4. Love "Jesus Messiah"!

    We had a scaled down band this week also, 2 acoustic guitars, bass & djembe.

    It was a nice change. I loved it.

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