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Sunday Setlist, February 8, 2009

Sunday, February 8 at Journey

Series: I Object: Common Objections to Christianity

Title: “God is not Real”
We kicked off the series with the most common objection – that there is no God. We looked at some “evidence” for the existence of God, but even the best evidence only leads us to a vague, nebulous idea of a supreme creator. To really know God, we have to seek Him and He will reveal Himself as our personal God.


We started the message with a clip from an episode of House (House vs. God) where a teen-aged faith healer is sick. The clip showed House doubting the reality of God and frustrated with the idea of faith. In the message, we used a clip from Expelled, explaining the complexity of the cell and the information stored in our DNA. Information doesn’t come from nature. Pattern’s come from nature, information comes from intelligence.

The Songs

Open up the Gates, Planetshakers

  • This is a great one to open up with – the driving guitars, upbeat tempo and soaring chorus – along with the invocation in the lyrics (“King of heaven come and take your place, dwell among us…”) make this a great opener.

Filled With Your Glory, Tim & Jon Neufeld

  • This song began carrying the theme of the day. There’s not a lot of songs out there about doubting God’s existence (from a worship perspective at least) but there are lots of songs that affirm His presence. This song covers two of the big ways God reveals Himself: in nature (“The whole earth is filled with your glory”) and in our hearts (“In my heart there’s a fire burning – a passion deep within my soul”).

Glorious One, Steve Fee

  • Introduced the first Steve Fee song (of many to come) this week. It’s a great song that the congregation picked up on quickly. Love the chorus on this one!

I Will Lift My Eyes, Bebo Norman

  • This song followed the message really well. Marlin did a great job on the solo and Amanda hit the harmony just right. Great song.

God is Great, Hillsongs

  • A fun song, even though it’s on the difficult side. It’s not that it’s a hard song, but it has such a wide range for the melody.

While the service went off without a hitch, there were certainly some gremlins working in the background. We added to our lighting setup this week, and it apparently pushed the electrical circuits at the theater over the limit and we began blowing breakers left and right. And of course, it couldn’t just take the lights, it had to take out the main projector and teleprompter and a half-dozen other things as well. We’re already working on a solution to the power problems for next week and should have it straightened around by then. The new setup was AMAZING and really helped to create the right mood. Can’t wait to see how the rest of the series unfolds!

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Were you at Journey this week? I’d love to hear your comments!

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