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Sunday Setlist, February 22, 2009

Sunday, February 22 at Journey

Series: I Object: Common Objections to Christianity

Title: “A Loving God Wouldn’t Send People to Hell”
If God is loving and wants everyone to be saved, why would he still send people to hell? We used the bridge illustration to share that Jesus has paid the price so no one has to go to hell. Everything is in place for us to be in heaven, we just have to cross that bridge.

The Songs

Let God Arise, Chris Tomlin

  • High energy to kick it off – gets them on their feet and singing.

Majestic, Lincoln Brewster

  • Another nice familiar one for the opening set.

Your Name is Holy, Brian Doerksen

  • Nothing too fancy about this one, just a good straightforward song that the congregation knows really well.

In Christ Alone, Stuart Townend

  • A little old school for what we typically do at Journey, but it fit with the message really well. We used the Newsboys arrangement from their worship CD a few years back. This one was hard to get in a key that works for everyone. It’s got a wide range, but we pulled it off pretty well.

Happy Day, Matt Redman

  • We had to celebrate Jesus’ victory over hell with a great celebration song – that, and Easter is coming up around the corner and we don’t want them to forget this one before Easter gets here!

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Were you at Journey this week? I’d love to hear your comments!

8 thoughts on “Sunday Setlist, February 22, 2009

  1. OK, this setlist sounds like one our church would totally love – curious to know feedback from the message – such a hot topic.

  2. Fred & Steff – Definitely do "Let God Arise"! It's a great song and it catches on really quick – at least it did here!

    Jim – We did "In Christ Alone" in D as well – a tad low, but when it modulates to E, it can get a bit high. It's one that we're not going to use regularly, only when it really fits with the message, so I'm not horribly concerned.

  3. we just recently started doing “Let God Arise” and I agree with you – it catches on quickly and is so much fun to sing when the congregation jumps in on it. great set!

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