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Sunday Setlist – February 21, 2010

Sunday, February 21 at Journey

It was a bit of a rocky road getting to Sunday morning this week. With our musicians small in number, when any one of them are gone, it can make a significant impact. I had already scheduled our usual drummer off this week and had our backup drummer scheduled, but found out in the middle of the week that our bass player and one of our guitar players would be gone also. Add to that the fact that our other guitar player has been out of commission since Christmas and it was suddenly looking like we were going to have a real skeleton crew! After some unsuccessful attempts to round-up another instrumentalists to join us, our bass player became available again. We ended up having a pretty typical week, minus guitars. Hopefully we can raise up some new players to help fill the holes!

The Service

  • Your Name is Holy, Brian Doerksen (A): Good one that Journey knows well and a strong start to the service.
  • We Are Hungry, Jeff Deyo’s Version (A): We did an abbreviated version of this song this week because of time – with a Baptism AND Communion this week (Two things we don’t allow to happen in the same service, but had to make a special exception this week), it could easily get out of hand.
  • Baptism
  • Glory, Reuben Morgan (E): A nice and relatively simple song to bring us from the baptism into the message.
  • The Message: Bob focused on the connection between baptism and communion and managed to knock it out of the park AND keep the whole service under an hour and 20 minutes – quite a feat in and of itself!
  • Communion
  • Lead Me to the Cross, Brooke Fraser (D): The first time we’ve done this one at Journey. It’s a nice song and the team did it very well. I think this is one that we’ll use frequently.
  • How Great is Our God, Chris Tomlin (C): A great one that we haven’t used much lately, but it’s always nice to pull an old one off the shelf, dust it off and make it shine again.  Communion wrapped up just before we got to the final choruses and with the whole congregation standing and singing, it was truly powerful.
  • Offering & Prayers
  • Awesome is the Lord, Chris Tomlin (G): A nice upbeat one to send them out on.

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Were you at Journey this week? I’d love to hear your feedback!

6 thoughts on “Sunday Setlist – February 21, 2010

  1. We’ve got 17 musicians currently in the rotation, but scheduling can still be a pain some weeks. I don’t miss the old days when we had half the number…

  2. I understand your “pain” – we had friends who are a part of our tech team & band all over in New Zealand for a vacation. We have known about this for awhile so that made it easier on us, but it looks like you were able to pull it off and also realize that God wants to grow you more. Good work and great set!

  3. Yeah danieljohn, I’ve definitely been there before too. Each time our church does a mission trip there’s always a few from the worship and tech teams that go along too. It’s tough to be without them but a great experience for them too. We just need to grow our team so it’s less of an impact if a few are gone. Anyone got any tricks for growing your team? I’d love to hear them!

  4. Great list Matthew – I love Lead Me To The Cross. Actually, I love anything I’ve ever heard by Brooke Fraser, she’s an excellent songwriter. Our electric guitar player got snowed in this week, and our audio tech was 25 minutes late, but other than that, everyone scheduled was there!

    As for growing the team, it’s been my experience that God always assigns “levites” to every house of worship, but sometimes we have to wait for them to be ready – spirit, soul, and body (anointed by God, understanding what they’re there for, and some development of natural talent). I’ve had as few as 6 and as many as 100.

    Right now, we’re working with about 20 committed singers and musicians with a core group (they really get it, I can really depend on them) of about 12. This particular group has developed mostly over the last 6-8 years, and I’m grateful for each of them.

    Keep doing the great job that I’m sure your’e doing with your team, and the grace of God be with you as you seek Him for further development!

  5. Wow – how cool…baptisms and Communion on the same day. I don’t think we’ve ever done that – my first suggestion to my pastor when I see him this week!


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