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Sunday Setlist: February 13, 2011

Today was the second week of The Big Ten, a three week series about the Ten Commandments. Last week, we looked at the commandments having to do with loving God and keeping him first in our lives. This week, we looked at the commandments that are about God’s plan for relationships: Honoring our Parents, ┬ánot committing adultery and not bearing false witness (aka lying/stretching the truth). There’s a lot in those three commandments – more than we often think about! Honoring our parents goes beyond just doing what mom and dad say; it’s about honoring and respecting all of those in authority over us. Not committing adultery is more than just not sleeping around once we’re married – it’s honoring the institution of marriage and keeping it holy. So far, this has been a great series!

Today’s Worship:

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