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Sunday Setlist, February 1, 2009

Sunday, February 1 at Journey

Series: Real Life – Real Stories
In this series, we’re getting to know a few people around Journey and getting to know their story of how God has worked in their lives. This was the last week of the series.

Title: “Everyone Has A Story”
We wrapped up the series reflecting back on the stories we had heard and the other stories that are still out there waiting be be heard or waiting to be written. The challenge came to invest ourselves in partnership at Journey – in all aspects in our lives – and to continue helping other stories like these to happen.

The Songs

Sing to the King, Billy James Foote

  • I love how well the congregation knows this one! And the verses have this great anticipation quality with the constant bass note under the changing chords – it really sets the chorus apart and makes it feel like we’re going somewhere once we reach the chorus.

We Are Hungry, Jeff Deyo’s Arrangement

  • This one was powerful as always. We did the arrangement almost exactly as done on Jeff Deyo’s CD.

Empty Me, Jeremy Camp

  • Such a simple song, but so powerful! We extended this one a bit and it worked phenomenally. Typically the song goes Verse (holy fire, burn away…) twice, Chorus (Empty me…), Verse again, Chorus two times and we’re done. This time, we played with the dynamics and it made a tremendous difference. We started with the vocals and piano through the first verse and added some sparse guitar and bass playing an octave higher on the second time through the verse and chorus. Then we kicked everyone in full for the next verse and two choruses. We added an instrumental – full sound with guitar carrying the melody and then pulled down to just vocals and piano on the verse again. We kept it soft until the last two lines of the verse (that is not of you… ) and we built it huge to the last two choruses. It was amazing!

Bless the Lord, Jeff Deyo

  • Another Jeff Deyo song this week (an unintended theme perhaps?) and this one is always a great one. 6/8 is such an under-used time signature when it comes to worship music and it’s always a great contrast to the others around it. Favorite part of this song: nailing the three dramatic chords on “fire” in verse two.

All to You, Lincoln Brewster

  • A great one to end on! This song nailed home the message of the day and it’s got such a great groove. I switched things up and fired up the Hammond Organ (on the keyboard – one day I’ll have one of those up there!) and it gave a nice fresh sound to the song. As usual, our guitarist German nailed the solo, making the song even more fun and a great song to end with.

Definitely one of the best sounding Sunday’s we’ve had (not that the others were bad, but everything was tight this week and I didn’t catch any mistakes!) and for sure the most fun I’ve had playing in a while. I really felt it this week and I think everyone who was a part of the service today said the same thing – what an awesome week!

Nest week, we kick off our next series: I Object: Common Objections to Christianity. This should be a great series! We’ll be working on new set stuff this week, so I’ll try to include some pictures next Sunday.

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Were you at Journey this week? I’d love to hear your comments!

One thought on “Sunday Setlist, February 1, 2009

  1. “Sing to the King” is one of our churches favorites. It’s been a while since we did it. I need to throw it in soon.

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