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Sunday Setlist: August 22, 2010

This week at Journey, we covered a topic that no one really likes talking about: money. Specifically, our responsibility to use the gifts God has given to each one of us to support the work of the church. One of the things that always strikes me whenever we do a service around any topic relating to committment, giving, serving, etc, is that there’s always someone who will say something to the effect of: “Way to give it to them!/They needed to hear that!” [insert face-palm here] Apparently everyone else has a need to hear it, but human nature says it’s not us.  Today, we tried to help everyone understand the importance of giving back to God (It’s all his anyway!)

One of the videos we used was the God Pie video (we’ve used it before, but it’s so good we had to use it again).

The Music:

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5 thoughts on “Sunday Setlist: August 22, 2010

    1. Thanks Paul! Meet with Me is one of those oldies-but-goodies. It’s simple enough that it’s easy to catch on if you’re new to it and it’s easy to play around with it and keep it from getting stale. We’ve been using it less and less lately but we still press it into service from time to time.

        1. Yeah, I’ve been working on doing the same thing for our songs – time to retire a few of the regulars before they get too over-done. Finding good new ones is time consuming because there’s so much our there to sift through. But that’s half the fun too!

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