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Sunday Setlist, April 29, 2012

We wrapped up our series on miracles looking at Numbers 22 and the story of Baalam and his talking donkey. Baalam encounters God and it changes his life. He turned from being a man in it for himself to a man following God’s leading. All because he realized and lived as though God was real. We ended the series with a challenge to everyone: if you believe that God is real and you live as though He is real, you’ll see him working in your everyday life. If you don’t see Him working in your life, ask yourself if you’re really living as though God is real – making your choices and living your life as if God is right there with you every day. Baalam said he believed in God, but his heart and actions said otherwise. That is, until God became real to him. Once he believed that God was real and lived as though He was real, Baalam was a different man and God used him to further His kingdom.

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