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Sunday Setlist: April 25, 2010

A glimpse of this past Sunday at Journey of Faith.

This week, Nick Kolenda, a student from Journey home on a break between mission trips, shared with us his experiences from his latest trip to Cambodia. Nick served in a group called the MST Project (The Male Sex Tourism Project). Cambodia has a huge sex industry and men travel from all around the world to take part. They ministered to the men there in the hopes that they could change lives and, as Nick said, “bring light to the darkest of places.”

The Service

  • Open the Eyes of My Heart, by Paul Baloche
  • Beautiful One, by Tim Hughes
  • Glorious One, by Steve Fee

We wrapped up a series about how Easter has changed us. This week, we let Nick share how he was changed and how because of that change, he was trying to help others experience that change through his mission trips.

We challenged everyone to take a next step this week, whether it was something big like signing up for the next mission trip in June or simply coming back next week if they were new. One of our mantras that is part of who we are is that everyone has a next step, whether it’s the first step or the ninety-ninth step, there is always a next step!

After the message:

  • Savior Please, by Josh Wilson

After the offering, announcements and prayers:

  • Love the Lord, by Lincoln Brewster

Were you there this week? Share your comments and thoughts below.

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