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Friday, Journey of Faith purchased our first apple computer. We opted for the 17″ iMac. More power than the laptop, but more portable than the tower. I’ve been a pc boy all my life, but so far, I like what I’ve experienced on the Mac. The last time I used a mac was back when they were a monitor (which only displayed one color – green, I think), a CPU, and two external floppy drives (that were really floppy). That was a great many years ago and they have certainly come a long way!

Much of the interface is similar to the Windows format, and I hear it will soon be even similar, as Vista seems to have many of the qualities that the Mac OSX has. I have yet to master the single button mouse (why can’t you right-click?!?), but I’ll get over it because it’s just so cool! Along with the computer, we picked up Final Cut Studio. What an amazing group of programs that is! I’ve had fun learning the in’s and out’s of Live Type and Motion, the text and graphics software, and Soundtrack, which is all together too much fun.

I have to order the presentation software this week. We’re going with ProPresenter3. The folks at Granger Community Church have graciously invited me to visit their facility and get a tour of the equipment and setup that they use. I’ll be heading there this week, so I’m surethere will be an exciting post with all I discover there! Stay tuned…

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