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Spring Cleaning at Church Part 5: Equipment

There’s one last place I think we should look as I wrap up this Spring Cleaning at Church series and that’s our equipment. We’ve already taken a look at our buildings, our style, our digital spaces and our music. Now, let’s take a look at all the equipment that keeps things going and make sure it’s ready to take on the rest of the year.

As the church continues to become more and more reliant on equipment and technology, the need to keep it running smoothly grows! The obvious things to check not just in springtime but throughout the year are important things like your computers, network equipment, auditorium speakers and other obviously vital pieces of equipment. But there are others that slip by which you should keep an eye on:

  • Audio and Video Cables. These take a beating, especially at a church like ours that’s portable and sets up and breaks down each week. Do yourself a favor and pick up an audio cable tester (I have this one) and regularly check your cables. The price you pay for the tester beats having a bad cord in the mix that suddenly causes problems during the service. I haven’t gotten a video cable tester yet, but regularly inspect the cables for wear and make sure the connections are secure.
  • The Projector(s). Clean the air filter at least once a year, if not two or three times depending on where it’s located and how often it’s used. Ours gets setup and put away each week, so another thing to keep an eye on is keeping the lens clean and fingerprint free (not that fingers should ever touch the lens in the first place, but it does happen). While you’re messing with the projector, take a look at where the bulb life is and see if it’s time to start thinking about a new bulb. They’re not cheap but they have come down in price in the past few years. If you’re getting close to the end of the bulb’s life expectancy, it’s time to pick up a replacement. Remember: projector bulbs only seem to go out on Sunday mornings right when you need them. 
  • Musical Instruments. Is it time for new drum heads? Does the piano need tuning? Keep all the church musical equipment in top shape to make it last as long as possible.
  • Clean all your equipment. Give your computer and audio equipment a spray with some compressed air to remove any dust bunnies that have taken up residence. Clean your computer screens and keyboards – they’re gross! If it’s used for or at church, take the time to keep it working and running smoothly. Your congregation sacrificed and donated to be able to purchase the church’s equipment – it’s your job to take care of it and make it last!

That wraps up the series on Spring Cleaning at Church. It’s by no means an exhaustive list, but a good start! Are there any important areas I missed or other things that need to be addressed? Leave a comment below!

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