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Sneak Peak

I just got back from a screening of the upcoming movie “Evan Almighty“. I deffinitly enjoyed the movie and highly recommend it – in fact, we’re going to try to put together a special screening the Sunday after it opens!

While it’s really not a sequel to Bruce Almighty, it’s still really good. This one is really geared more toward families (I think it’s PG and it could almost get away with being G) and it has a much greater religious bent. It’s great to see something with actual morals coming out of Hollywood and from a main-line cinema and director (although I did find out that director Tom Shadyac is a Christian – and isn’t afraid to talk about it!)

Take some time to visit the website – there’s even a section that has the History of the Ark (as in the Bible).

Great stuff – can’t wait to see it with everyone!!

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