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The worship team at Journey used to have a secret page on where they could get information on the upcoming services. It wasn’t the best set-up, but it worked.

But this week, we officially switched over to It’s an online service that’s specifically setup for worship planning. Everyone gets an account and can have access to all the needed materials for the worship services.

Some features I really like:

  • When people are scheduled for a service, it sends them an email asking them to confirm the dates and roles for which they are scheduled.
  • It sends them a reminder email a few days before they are scheduled to be are rehearsal.
  • It will automatically compile the chords charts and vocal parts for them and make sure that they get the right parts.
  • Team members can log in and block out dates that they are unavailable, making scheduling easier.

It looks like this will really simplify the communication process for the team. We’re going to experiment with it for the next couple months and if it really seems to work like we hope it will, we’ll probably upgrade to a larger package and use it to schedule all of our Sunday morning volunteers – Guest Services, Cafe, Security, Child Care – everyone. The email reminders and the ability to see when schedules conflict would be a huge plus.

Definitely something worth having!!

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Matthew Starner is pastor of Journey of Faith Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where they help people take their next step on their journey with Jesus.

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