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Phoenix, Here I Come…

I’m starting to get things ready for my upcoming vacation to Phoenix. My mom moved out there this past summer and I’ve been wanting to go out and visit, but I just haven’t had an opportunity until now. Besides, January is always a good time to leave Michigan for some place a bit warmer!!

I’m leaving 2 days after my birthday (which is the 13th, by the way. Start thinking of gift ideas now before it’s too late!) and I’ll be gone for an entire week. This will be the longest vacation I’ve ever taken, not to mention the first one EVER to be over a Sunday. This means that for the first time in what seems like forever, I won’t be at my church on a Sunday. I’m not worried about the team at all – they’ll be fine without me. I’m more worried about me! I’ll be attending my mom’s church in Phoenix, but solely as a participant – something I haven’t done since January 18, 1998 (TEN YEARS ago – when I took my first step into a ministry and started running PowerPoint and audio at my church). It may be tough to sit there, but I’m sure I’ll manage.

So I’ve been getting things together and starting to wonder what I’m going to do for 7 days in Phoenix. Is there anything that I just have to see while I’m there? Any unique places to eat or shop or visit? I don’t want to be all “touristy” but I’ve never been to Arizona before and I’d like to take in as much as I can in a week. Post some comments and let me know if there’s anything I should do while I’m there!!

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