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Phoenix – Days 6-8

I’m stuck here in Phoenix airport with a 2 and a half hour delay, so I thought I’d catch you up on the rest of my trip to Phoenix.

Day 6 (Sunday) we went to two churches. My mom wanted me to see the church that they worship at near their home but she also wanted me to see the church where she works. So we got to run between the two Sunday morning. After church we visited a flea market/swap meet and I picked up some souvenirs. Sunday evening, I took them to Kobe Steak for some entertaining dining. I’ve only been to a Japanese Steakhouse once before, but it’s lots of fun. We had a blast and enjoyed the really good food.

Day 7 (Monday) we had to take Dick to his last chemo treatment. Last Tuesday, he got the results of his body scan back and he is clear – NO MORE CANCER!! He still has to have radiation, but it’s just a precautionary thing and he only has to go a few times. While he was getting his treatment, which takes about 3 hours, mom and I went around town trying to find places to shop. We couldn’t find anything good and ended up going to a dollar store and a CVS. Oh yes, we know how to party! That evening, we relaxed and had dinner and watched TV.

Day 8 (Today, Tuesday) I had breakfast with Pastor Bob (not the same one as back home – my mom’s boss). He wanted to pick my brain a bit about contemporary style services and just talk a little about what Journey is doing in Grand Rapids. After breakfast, we headed back to the house and got everything ready for me to leave.

So far, I’m still waiting to get on the plane to head first to Chicago and then to Grand Rapids. I’ve been told that the flights from Chicago are delayed so I should still be able to catch my flight.

It’s been a fast 8 days, probably the fastest of my life. I had a great time in Phoenix, but I’m definitely ready to be back home and in my own bed. Hopefully everything will come together and I’ll make it home around 2:00am, but I’m not going to hold my breath!

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