Phoenix – Day 5

Today, we traveled north to Sedona and Jerome. Sedona is absolutely beautiful. It’s a higher elevation than Phoenix, so it was a little cooler (about 55 degrees) which means that the landscape is different too. You can actually see where things change as you drive along the highway. There’s a line where the saguaro’s suddenly stop and you begin to see more trees and grass. The landscape of Sedona is amazing. The bright red mountains just jut right up into the sky. It’s amazing to see the beauty of God’s creation right there. I took tons of pictures, but it just doesn’t do justice to the beauty there.

Jerome is a tiny little town situated way the heck up in a mountain. The road there is insane – it’s a switchback road up the side of the mountain but they evidently didn’t want to make the road too long. It ascends over 1500 feet in probably about 3/4 mile. All the roads in the town are pitched about 45 degrees. It’s definitely a place you want to have really good breaks! It was an old mining town that became a ghost town and is now a tourist trap. There’s lots of neat history and shops and plenty of places to take a look around at the world below, since the town sits at over 5000 feet above sea level.

Tomorrow we’re off to church and then to the flea market… after that, who knows!! Hard to believe that there are only three days left!!

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