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Phoenix – Day 4

Today was a pretty laid-back day. I got to relax around the house in the morning. We took a walk through the mountains around my mom’s house. Got to see some cacti up close.
They’re much bigger in person…

In the evening, we went to Organ Stop Pizza for dinner. Organ Stop has the world’s largest theatre organ and they play it all through dinner. It’s pretty cool.

Theatre organs are different from church organs in that they are made to replace an orchestra. Back in the 1920’s they were used to accompany the silent movies. One man could replace an orchestra and play the film score live. The pipes were made to closely imitate actual instruments and they usually have a lot of “toys” – xylophones, bells, cymbals, drums, etc. The organ at Organ Stop had lots of “bells and whistles” (pun intended) – including 2 pianos, multiple xylophones and marimbas, an accordion, drums and cymbals all over, bird whistles, and chimes. It’s definitely a dieing art form, but it was a lot of fun! The guy playing takes requests and while we were there played everything from a medley of Disney songs to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody to a Star Wars medley.

This piece of music was on the wall at Organ Stop – I didn’t even know this song existed!

Tomorrow, we’re off to Jerome, an old ghost town, and Sedona.

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