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Phoenix Day 1, Sort of…

After nearly a whole day of traveling, I made it to Phoenix. The flight from Grand Rapids to Chicago was uneventful – and quick at just 23 minutes. Everything was looking great at Chicago: my flights were across the hall from each other and I had plenty of time to grab a bite and get ready for the flight. But when I arrived at the gate for the boarding time, there was no plane… I’ll spare you the details, but once the plane arrived they informed us of a “maintenance problem” with the plane. (In other words, we had a BROKEN PLANE!) You know, you could ease the anxiety of all the passengers if you told us that they had to get more food or booze for the plane rather than tell us that it’s BROKEN!!

After 2 hours of waiting we got on the plane only to have the pilot tell us that “yeah, there was a maintenance problem, but supposedly they have it taken care of…” SUPPOSEDLY?!?! Don’t tell me that!!

But all those problems are behind me now! I didn’t get to experience too much of Phoenix today but that will come over the next few days. Check back in over the next few days to see more of my adventures in the desert!

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