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"Oh, the weather outside is frightful…"

What an incredible few days it has been! Winter took forever to finally show up, but when it did, it hit hard. All day Saturday, Grand Rapids and the surrounding areas were under a Blizzard Warning, dumping nearly a foot of snow and blowing it all over at nearly 40mph. Couple that with temperatures reaching -22 degrees and things got messy around here pretty fast.

After lots of struggling and debate, we decided to cancel worship on Sunday. We weren’t alone; in Kent County and the surrounding areas, over 500 other area churches canceled as well. Besides churches, all the malls and many businesses (including the theater where we worship) closed early. The roads were just too bad and police were telling everyone to stay off the roads.

It’s now Monday morning, and every school for miles around is closed. Fortunately, the snow has stopped (for now) but we may have hit our high for today (5 degrees).

It sure is a good thing that I like this weather!

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