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New Music at Journey

Summer at Journey brings a unique set of challenges. Unlike many churches that scale back their activities in the summer, we add stuff and to keep the momentum up. One of the things we add is a Thursday evening worship service that is different from Sunday. It takes place outdoors on our property and it’s a great chance for folks who are going away on the weekend to stay connected and worship.  However, this makes things interesting for the worship team since we’re limited, especially in our instrumentalists. This year, we decided to keep things simple and have rehearsals before the service, rather than take up two evenings with rehearsals, plus the two services. In order to make that happen, we didn’t add any new songs over the summer.  Now that summer is over and we’re back to rehearsals, it’s time to start cranking out some new music! Here’s an incomplete list of some of the new songs that we’ll be introducing in the weeks and months ahead – some are all together new and others have been around for a while but for one reason or another haven’t made it to a Sunday morning yet.

  • I Am Free by Jon Egan – This song was EVERYWHERE a couple years ago when the Newsboys recorded it. When I first heard it, I thought it would be a good one for worship – then Christian radio stations played it to death and people got sick of it. The hype has worn off and it’s back to being a good song that’s not too hard and encourages congregation participation.
  • From the Inside Out by Joel Houston – Hillsong Church in Australia has a phenomenal reputation for writing great worship songs. They’re probably responsible for half of the popular worship music in the last 20 years (an exaggeration, but the funny thing is it’s not that far off!). I’ve been waiting to introduce this one all summer and it’s coming up this week.
  • Glorious One by Starfield – Another not too difficult one but it’s got a great beat and the lyrics are uncomplicated yet right-on.
  • Glory to God Forever by Steve Fee – Heard this song (and Steve Fee) for the first time at the Catalyst One-Day last year at Granger Community Church. Since then, we’ve used several of his songs and this one will be joining the line-up soon.
  • Savior Please by Josh Wilson –  The words of the chorus are great (as are the words to the whole song): “I try to be tough but I’m just not strong enough. I can’t do this alone, God I need you to hold on to me. I try to be good enough but I’m nothing without your love. Savior, please, keep saving me.”

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