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Merge is Journey’s version of a weeknight Bible study. We meet at a different location each week and discuss a different topic. We’ve had two seasons so far and we’ll be starting a third, mini-season on May 13.  It’s just a three week series, but the topics should be really good.

  • First up, we’re tackling the question Can you lose your salvation? It’s not something we often think about, but something that deserves a look.
  • Second, we’re looking at the topic of racism. It can be a touchy subject but sometimes those are the ones that can be the most interesting.
  • The last week should be lots of fun – we’re going to be answering your questions! We’ll be compiling questions that people will submit online and email as well as getting questions from those there that night. Think of it as a chance to ask all the questions you’ve wanted to ask about God/church/the Bible/theology – or just a chance to  stump the pastor!

Check out the locations over at

About Matthew Starner

Matthew Starner is pastor of Journey of Faith Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where they help people take their next step on their journey with Jesus.

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