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Making the Old New


This song has been rocking my world lately – and making me wish I played cello. (I always wanted to learn to play cello – so rich and full of deep emotion)  I stumbled across this video a week or so ago. It’s a wonderful example of taking something classic from the past, in this case the Prelude from Bach’s Cello suite No. 1 in G major and breathing new life into it.


As you can see in the original, it’s a beautiful and timeless piece of musical artwork. It needs no improvement. But when it’s artfully re-imagined, it can become a new take on an already beautiful piece, but now in a way that reintroduces it to new generations.

The modern Church needs to think like this

This is not an argument against traditional worship. This is not an argument in favor of “contemporary” worship (for the record, I really dislike that term). This is something all of us worship and church leaders need to apply to our own circumstances. The church has a rich history in the arts and has been at various points in history a place for great art to be created, preformed and appreciated. While there is no shortage of new music being written for all styles of worship, we also need to remember the music of our history and find ways to reinvent it. Whether it’s a stirring new arrangement of a classic hymn for organ, brass and choir or an entire new tune set to driving electric guitars and drums, the musical heritage that generations before us have passed down should be a consistent resource for us all.

As the Church we need to remember our past while embracing our present so that we may change lives in the future.

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