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Life’s Toughest Questions: What’s the Point of Life?

This week we kicked off a new six-week series called Life’s Toughest Questions where we’re searching for answers to the questions we all ask or get asked:

  • What’s the point of life?
  • Why isn’t life fair?
  • How can I really be happy?
  • And others.

As Christians, [hopefully] we know we can turn to God’s Word to find answers. And those questions of meaning, purpose and direction have been asked for a long, long time! Specifically in this series, we’re looking at the book of Ecclesiastes to find that the questions we ask today were asked a long time ago.

This week’s question was “What’s the Point of Life?” While the world tells us it’s to be happy, successful or popular, God’s Word is clear: Life is Preparation for Eternity. Everyone will spend eternity somewhere and eternity is a long, long time – making the things of this world insignificant in comparison. And how do we prepare for eternity? By getting to know God, becoming more Christ-like, and Serving Jesus’ mission.

This Week’s Worship:

  • You Are Good, Israel Houghton
  • Beautiful One, Tim Hughes
  • All Glory, Tim Hughes
  • Reign In Us, Starfield
  • The Message
  • Offering & Prayers
  • Awesome is the Lord, Chris Tomlin

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