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Let the Count Down Begin!

Seven weeks.

That’s when I finally get MY DOG!!

He’s currently 3 days old, and as you can see in the picture, he looks like a little white rodent, but in seven weeks, he’s MINE! At this point, I don’t know exactly which one of the little guys is mine but that doesn’t matter now!

Those who know me know that I’ve been wanting a dog for a long time. It’s been about 2 years since I first got the itch, and I managed to hold back all this time. It took some time to figure out exactly which breed to go for, but I landed on a Bull Terrier.

So here’s the fun part – I need some suggestions for names. I’m leaning toward Schroeder (the piano playing Peanut, since I play piano) but I haven’t decided yet. So leave me comments with suggestions for names! Ideally, I’d like some sort of a musical name, but anything good will be considered!! Leave a bunch!

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