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It’s Almost Here…

Rehearsals have been happening at breakneck speed and things are coming down to the wire for Journey’s presentation of ‘A Christmas Tale’ this Friday. I’ve been so impressed at how everything has been coming together. This year, the rehearsal schedule was really intense because of the late start due to the time it took us to get a location for the performance. But that didn’t stop our star team of actors, singers, and musicians! From learning and memorizing pages of songs and scripts, to learning how to dance – everyone has done an amazing job and I can’t wait to see the final product this week! And it should be a packed house too – so far there are over 20 tables reserved for the performance.

I pray that this event will give us a chance to not just have fun presenting Christmas in a fresh new way, but that it will give us the chance to impact someones life for Christ. Keep everyone connected with this program in your prayers that everything comes together this week and everyone stays healthy!!

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