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If you think something good…

A while back I came across a blog post by Steven Furtick in which he (admittedly) shamelessly ripped off a challenge by Craig Groeschel that said “If you think something good, say it.” Following in Steve’s footprints, I too am ripping it off to use here.

Why is it that people have almost no problem sharing when something is wrong/bad, but when something is good they keep their mouth shut?¬†As Steve suggested, sometimes we think that if we give compliments sparingly they’ll be more effective. Try watering your lawn twice a year or only paying your bills every few months. You know. So they appreciate it. It doesn’t work so well.

Pictured: Our default reaction when things go bad.

Here’s some ideas for taking our usual tendency toward being negative and harnessing it for good:

  • Instead of noticing and thinking “hmm, I like the shirt he’s wearing,” share a compliment!
  • Have exceptional service at a restaurant? Share it with the waiter/waitress AND the manager.
  • Enjoy the music/message Sunday at church? Share it with the team!
  • Appreciate someone’s friendship? TELL THEM! Don’t assume they “know how you feel” – take a second and tell them.
  • If someone comes to mind and makes you smile, TELL THEM! How much brighter could our world be if we took the time we usually spend complaining about the things that go wrong and focus it on what went right?

Now what if good thoughts don’t come to mind? Seriously? You can make it through an entire day without one good thought crossing your mind? It might be time to take a serious look at your heart to see why that is. If pride, jealousy or bitterness are stopping you, spend some time in prayer asking God to soften your heart and allow you to experience the joy that you’re missing out on, and in turn are missing opportunities to share that joy with others.

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