How Are You Perceived?

I came across an interesting article today on Emotional Intelligence. (You can find the whole article here)

Essentially, emotional intelligence is the ability to perceive that which goes unsaid – body language and looks. The better you are at reading them accurately, the more successful you can be. While the article is written with a business bent, the principle still applies. How many times have you misjudged someone because you thought they were acting a certain way for the wrong reason? Take a look at these 2 charts found with the article and see if you may have made a misjudgement in the past.

10 misconceptions of how others view you:

Believing you are – When perceived by others as

Shrewd – Sly
Confident – Arrogant
Humorous – Inappropriate
Energetic – Hyper
Having Strong Opinions – Opinionated
Passionate – Impulsive
Strong – Rigid
Detail oriented – Nit-picking
Quiet – Passive
Quiet – Indecisive

10 misconceptions about others:

Believing they are – When they are actually

Moved by passion – Moved by facts
Moved by facts – Moved by passion
Fun loving – Serious
Serious – Fun loving
Looking for a reason to buy in – Looking for a reason to buy out
Looking for a reason to buy out – Looking for a reason to buy in
Wanting to be told – Wanting to be asked
Needing to be convinced – Ready to buy
Ready to buy – Needing to be convinced
Excited about your company – Thinking your company is a dog

Try to keep this in mind the next time you’re talking with someone – it could give you a new perspective on what they are actually feeling or communicating.

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